PineBridge Benson Elliot LLP Sustainability Policy

Benson Elliot (the ‘Firm’) is a leading, pan-European real estate private equity fund manager. Our investment approach begins with our relationship with our investors, delivering an asset-driven, value-add, risk-sensitive and exit-focused strategy.

Responsible investing is a key element of our approach and we view sustainability to be part of our fiduciary duty. We believe in leading by example through minimising the environmental impact within our own corporate occupation, in all the buildings we own and on communities in which we have a presence.

Benson Elliot has developed a focused Environmental Management System (‘EMS’), aligned to ISO14001*, to identify and manage sustainability risks inherent within real estate investment. Through our EMS, we commit to:

  • Engage with investors, tenants and other key stakeholders to identify sustainability interests and commitments;
  • Embed sustainability throughout our investment process by pursuing sustainability due diligence assessments and incorporating sustainability in the business plans of our investments;
  • Incorporate a review of sustainability improvements within the development, refurbishment and capital expenditure programmes of our investments;
  • Maintain compliance with relevant environmental regulation, legislation and investor requirements;
  • Work to obtain green accreditations for our assets, where possible and feasible (i.e LEED, BREAM);
  • Employ cost-effective solutions to prevent pollution and reduce adverse environmental impacts;
  • Implement environmental sustainability initiatives that protect our properties against obsolescence;
  • Execute a systematic approach to monitor, measure and manage investment related sustainability performance data;
  • Ensure the application of a consistent approach towards sustainability across our investments by third party property managers.

Progress of those commitments and the status of this Policy will be reviewed annually by our Investment Committee to ensure it continues to be aligned with overall company and fund strategies.

*ISO14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems.
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Real Estate Balance – CEO Commitments for Diversity
  1. Visibly demonstrate the business case for diversity and promote your commitment within your business.Note: e.g. have diversity champions at Board and senior executive level.
  2. Gather your diversity data, track and report your progress, using your data to guide your priorities. Note: e.g. publicise your progress/commitments through your website/report on gender pay.
  3. Change mindsets by challenging bias/discrimination wherever you see it and licence others to do so.Note: e.g. commit to unconscious bias training using a range of platforms from face to face to online, with measurable outcomes –this is not a tick box exercise.
  1. Insist on diversity for recruitment or promotion decisions you're involved with, including on panels and in shortlists.Note: e.g. consider interviewers from across different business areas to ensure diversity of questioning and ‘blind CVs.’
  2. Use promotional opportunities for your company to represent adiverse image.Note: e.g. draw employees from a diverse pool for promotional material/events/pitches/trainingcourses.
  3. Speak on panels only where organisers commit to have at least one man and one woman.Note: Women Talk Real Estate (WTRE) has a directory of female speakers.
  4. Adopt a balanced approach to sponsorship,i.e.both men and women.
  5. Consider influencing your supply chain.Note: e.g. enquire about D&Ipolicies and performance when tendering or insist on diverse clientteams.
  6. Personally engage with the diverse range of the workforce in your business in order to broaden your perspective.
  7. Promote D&I in any groups you are members of and share good practice.
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